2011 Beer Festival

The Rugby CAMRA beer festival is being hailed as a massive hit with local drinkers. Over a thousand drinkers supped nearly four thousand pints of real ales and ciders from the forty nine beers on show. Steve Heighton from the local branch stated

"The festival was a huge success. The world exclusive first outing for a beer made from spelt was very good and the first to go.  We also had nineteen ales from Warwickshire alone and all were excellently received. One of the six beers being judged for West Midlands beer of the year, Salopian Oracle, was judged beer of the festival".

The West Midlands Golden Ale going through to the GBBF final, by the tightest of possible margins will be Hobsons Town Crier. Steve then added

"Despite the poor weather all fifteen speciality ciders and perries were all consumed, as were all the international beers with the New Zealand black lager the pick of the bunch".

From a local point of view the festival had a record sign up for new memberships, (despite Mikes shirt ), a record return of beer of the festival votes, with the winner winning, just, and only just. Richard Potter's excellent cider and perry choices were superb.

A sterling effort from David Hine, the landlord of the Raglan Arms, in getting beers and also providing the fridge for the foreign beers which again were a wide and select few chosen by Ivan Farrell. Jonathan Potter hosted an entertaining auction but star turn must be the simply superb choice and quality of the beers that Steve Durrant not only sourced but also picked to ensure we had 19 LocAles, the new Spelt beer as well as brand new beers and breweries.

This is the main reason we are still the best little festival in the Midlands.  Lastly brilliant effort from all the staff who helped out, the Thornfield Bowls club and the beer sponsors.

Beer List

Local Ales

Beer No. Brewery   Beer ABV Tasting Notes Location
6   Byatts   Coventry Bitter   3.80%   Generous additions of fuggles and goldings hops. Loads of flavour.   Coventry  
7   Byatts   Phoenix Gold   4.20%   Pale. Blend of 3 US hops give this golden ale a light citrus flavour   Coventry  
8   Church End   Gravediggers Mild   3.80%   Dark red with a mixture of chocolate and roast flavours.   Ridge Lane, Warwickshire  
9   Church End   Hop Gun   4.10%   Green Bullet hops, distinctive, bitter pale ale. Yellow in colour.   Ridge Lane, Warwickshire  
10   Church End   Nuns Ale   4.50%   Pale and triple hopped.   Ridge Lane, Warwickshire  
11   Church End   Rest In Peace   7.00%   Strong. A light amber coloured bitter with a good malty mouthful.   Ridge Lane, Warwickshire  
15   Dow Bridge   Bonum Mild   3.50%   Complex, dark, full flavoured traditional mild. Strong malt & roast flavours leading to a long, satisfying finish.   Catthorpe, Leicestershire  
16   Dow Bridge   Praetorian Porter   5.00%   Dark, rich, full bodied porter. Slightly sweet with hoppy undertones.   Catthorpe, Leicestershire  
17   Dow Bridge   Summer Light   3.70%   Refreshing. Use of Maris Otter pale malt & Goldings hops.   Catthorpe, Leicestershire  
28   Merry Miner   Methane   5.00%   A strong beer, so the name implies!   Atherstone, Warwickshire  
29   Merry Miner   Mild   3.50%   Dark mild   Atherstone, Warwickshire  
43   Weatheroak   Victoria Works   4.30%   Straw colour and using hops from around the world, a full bodied.   Studley, Warwickshire  
46   Wood Farm   1823 Mild   3.50%   Mild. Refreshing in taste, smooth on the palate.   Willey  
47   Wood Farm   Union   4.60%   Dark premium strength hoppy beer   Willey  
48   Wood Farm   Web Ellis   3.80%   Straw coloured session bitter. Hoppy and Fruity   Willey  


Other Uk Ales

Beer No. Brewery   Beer ABV Tasting Notes Location
1   Abbeydale   Moonshine   4.30%   Well balanced straw-coloured premium bitter with a floral aroma   Sheffield  
2   ABC   Aston Distressway   6.00%   A strong dark ale.   Birmingham  
3   Angel Ales   Vanilla Sky   4.30%   Pale, brewed with organic malt, vanilla pods. Amarillo aroma hopped   Halesowen, West Midlands  
5   Bradfield   Farmers Stout   4.50%   Dark enriched black and white stout, roasted malts and flaked oats   Sheffield  
12   Complete Pig   Red Lion Bitter   4.50%   Traditional style bitter   Britwell Salome  
13   Derby Brewery Co   Triple Hop   4.10%   A classic pale smooth easy drinking beer, using whole Goldings, Northdown & Challenger hops to leave a fuller flavour.   Derby  
14   Digfield   Fools Nook   3.80%   Golden Summer bitter well hopped with a refreshing citrus aftertaste   Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  
18   Faringdon   Black Swan Mild   4.00%   A ruby mild with a beige head. A fruity aroma with some burnt malts.   Faringdon  
19   Glebe Farm   Gladiator Ale   4.20%   Brewed with spelt, an ancient grain the romans used before wheat.   Huntingdon, Cambrigeshire  
20   Hobsons   Town Crier   4.50%   Elegant straw coloured bitter with a hint of sweetness. Subtle hop flavours lead to a dry finish.   Cleobury Mortimer , Shropshire  
21   Hobsons   Twisted Spire   3.60%   Pale, sweet floral aroma giving a refreshing burst of hop flavour   Cleobury Mortimer , Shropshire  
22   Holdens   Golden Glow   4.40%   Golden ale with subtle yet fragrant hop aromas, gentle sweetness.   Woodsetton  
23   Hopping Mad   Fruitcase   4.50%   Fruity Golden Ale   Olney  
24   Kinver   Life Begins   4.00%   Pale hoppy beer brewed for CAMRAs 40th birthday celebration   Kinver, Staffordshire  
25   Lodden   Hoppit   3.50%   Seville orange marmalade flavour. Contains dark invert sugar giving the beer a smooth taste.   Dunsden Green  
26   Long Lane   Copper Bitter   5.40%   Copper coloured beer   Coalville  
27   May Hill   Legend   4.60%   Dark robust beer   Longhope  
30   Milestone   Somer Wheat Beer   5.50%   Continental Style Fruit Beer, Mouth filling fruit, with zingy finish.   Cromwell, Nottinghamshire  
31   Morton   Essington IPA   4.80%   Pale, hoppy, bitter a true IPA.   Essington, Staffordshire  
32   North Cotswold   Hung Drawn �n� Portered   5.00%   Strong dark treacle porter. Well balanced taste of Bramling cross hops    
33   Oakham Ales   Attilla   7.50%   Fruit & elder flower on aroma. Ripe red berries and citrus fruit.   Peterborough, Cambridgeshire  
34   Old Forge   Sledge Hammer   5.00%   Full bodied ruby bronze bursting with flavour.   Coleshill  
35   Raw   Blonde Pale   3.90%   Refreshing Pale ale with German hops for a dry lager style   Staveley  
36   Salopian   Oracle   4.00%   Dry but not overtly bitter and a tiny hint of sweetness to add body.   Shrewsbury, Shropshire  
37   Slaters   Top Totty   4.00%   A stunning blonde beer full bodied with a voluptuous hop aroma.   Stafford, Staffordshire  
38   Tap House   Kingdom   4.50%     Asby De La Zouch  
39   Tollgate   Mellow Yellow   4.00%   Smooth session bitter, pale amber in colour with a good hoppy finish and a hint of spicyness.   Swadlincote  
40   Two Towers   Chamberlain Pale   4.50%   A crisp light ale loaded with grapefruit flavours. Long hoppy finish.   Birmingham  
41   Two Towers   Hockley Gold   4.10%   Light hoppy Golden beer   Birmingham  
42   Two Towers   Mild and Brazen   4.00%   Dark mild malt blend with notes from darker malts to give a rich ale.   Birmingham  
44   Whittlebury   Mirage   4.20%   Golden Ale brewed using Maris Otter Malt and a hint of Crystal. Sovereign, Challenger and Golding hops deliver a spicy sweet.   Whittlebury  
45   Whittlebury   SPA   3.70%   A refreshing Pale Ale brewed with Maris Otter Malt to give it a Light Golden colour   Whittlebury  
49   Wye Valley   Dorothy Goodbody's   4.20%   A Golden Ale giving a crisp and zesty beer.   Stoke Lacey  


Ciders and Perrys

At this year's festival we once again offer you the very best from England's small cider and perry producers. Unlike some other local beer festivals, both CAMRA and pub festivals, we source our ciders and perries direct from the producer. This means you will not get to sample these delights anywhere else but at our festival or buying them as we did direct from the makers.

For the first time at our festival we bring you ciders from Kent, the garden of England. It is well known for its fruit production and we could have filled our entire range from that county. Herefordshire is again well represented with an old favourite Lyne Down, the tiny Sarah's Cider and we are particularly pleased to have two perries from the experts at Gregg's Pit.

Finally for those wanting a cold cider, but not over ice, we have a range of Warwickshire's own Hogans Cider in the bottle.

Cider Maker   Cider/Perry ABV Tasting Notes Location
  Double Vision Cider   Medium Cider   7.40%     Boughton Monchelsea, Kent  
  Double Vision Cider   Dry Cider   7.40%     Boughton Monchelsea, Kent  
  Gregg's Pit Cider   Aylton Red & Blakeney Perry   6.00%     Much Marcle, Herefordshire  
  Gregg's Pit Cider   Thorn Medium/Dry Perry   6.00%     Much Marcle, Herefordshire  
  Hogans Cider   Dry Cider Bottled   5.80%     Haselor, Warwickshire  
  Hogans Cider   Medium Cider Bottled   5.80%     Haselor, Warwickshire  
  Hogans Cider   Vintage Perry Bottled   5.40%     Haselor, Warwickshire  
  Lyne Down Cider   Roaring Meg Cider   7.00%     Much Marcle, Herefordshire  
  Lyne Down Cider   Yarlington Mill Medium Cider   7.20%     Much Marcle, Herefordshire  
  Sarah's Cider   Medium Sweet Sparkling Cider   7.10%     Bosbury, Herefordshire  
  Sarah's Cider   Browns Apple Drought   7.00%     Bosbury, Herefordshire  
  The Kent Cider Co.   Gala Bramley   7.50%     Cantebury, Kent  
  The Kent Cider Co.   Spiced Cider   5.50%     Cantebury, Kent